Vainieri started in 1996 as a one-vehicle company.

The national work was done initially with just one van and then, in 2001, we bought the first bus.

Today our company owns 65 vehicles of different characteristics and types to satisfy every single demand.

The experience gained over these years has meant that we stand out for the quality of our services.

We follow every single consignment, from when the material is entrusted to us until it is delivered to the final client.

We have built our firm relying on young human resources, always willing to help and specialised in logistics. Our drivers are all qualified and experts in moving furniture in bulk. We aim to keep up with the technology and developments in the market, so as to provide an innovative and great quality service.

Our philosophy is based on establishing a real relationship of loyalty and transparency, with every single client, inviting them to talk to us about every request or problem, through direct talks and meetings with our staff.

We will be happy to tell you all about what we can do, fixing an appointment or meeting with you at your office.


Our Goal

  • Safeguarding the future by working with respect for quality and the environment
  • Improving services through training and specialization of our staff
  • Strengthening customer confidence through the continuity and reliability of our labor policy
  • Offering made-to-measure logistics solutions
  • Always keeping up to date with innovations in the sector
  • Guaranteeing flexibility and willingness to help.