Our firm can manage removals and full loads, giving priority to the client’s requirements to have its goods travelling alone, by dedicating the whole lorry to the client.

In addition, we operate daily/weekly grouped loads, dedicated to national and international furniture removals, including islands.

Our drivers are all qualified and expert in moving furniture to ensure the security of your goods.


We have 18,000m2 storage space available in our warehouse where we can provide storage services, pallet deposit, third party storage; made-to-measures spaces and solutions to ensure the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

Our trained staff are all trained in the use of the equipment necessary for loading, unloading, moving and storage of all types of goods.

We offer distribution outsourcing and logistics services which guarantee our clients flexibility and precision to ensure better results.


With our geolocation services, we can always track the position of our vehicles during the journey in real time, thus ensuring greater security to our clientele.

From our Web-Truck you can visualise the progress of the goods entrusted to us from arrival at our warehouse to delivery at the destination.
It is possible, with a dedicated code, to give your final customer the possibility of following the consignment at various stages.


That is how Vainieri manages the outsourcing of distribution

Management taken over from the customer.
With a 4/5-day order profile of, we can achieve complete outsourcing of distribution, making the most of our potential:

•Effective planning of logistics processes.

•Customers dedicated to clients.

•Real time tracking of the product

•Fleet equipped to allow so that information accompanies the goods.

The results are better service level performance, better cost/benefit ratio.

Organisation of primary transport based on customer’s order book.
The journey is planned with a view to better rationalisation of individual consignments, respecting binding lead times and with greater saturation of the asset employed

Customer Service logistics.

We have highly qualified staff, good at problem solving, able to constantly interact with your final customer.


Optimising every single consignment allows us to reach almost anywhere in the time requested by our clients. Our mission is to take care of every aspect and detail to ensure the punctuality which sets us apart.


The attention to products and, in particular, different types of furniture, means that you can rely on us for the transport of furniture in Italy and throughout the European Union. Just as for all kinds of goods, the logistics and transport of furniture requires respect for well defined rules and procedures which we transmit to our staff.


Through our Customer Service, we always manage to find an optimal solution to every type of requirement. We believe strongly in human resources which, coupled with good technology, are the added value of our firm.

effective solutions

We have built our firm relying on young human resources, always willing to help and specialised in logistics. Our drivers are all qualified and expert in moving furniture in bulk. We aim to keep up to- date with technology and developments in the market, so as to offer an innovative service of the highest quality.


If you have any questions or want to collaborate with us, please feel free to contact us.